I'm an actress. A really good one. Give me a good script and I will not sleep until I bring out the most specific, fully-fledged, compelling character into life. You can find everything from my resume to headshots around this website, but if you would like to know me better, here are 10 facts about me that are not acting related:


  1. I was born with so much hair on my head that the whole hospital came into my mother's room, saying "We heard there was a really hairy baby here. Can we see it?" Things haven't changed much over the years.

  2. I went to a total of 4 universities for 3 bachelor's degrees and 1 master's degree. I think I am done with long term academics now.

  3. I lift weights. Heavy weights. Rarely heavier than me, but still heavy. 

  4. I once worked as a student manager of a Division I Men's Basketball Team. Practices consisted of me attempting to block 6'8'' men with my arms stretched up so high. But never high enough.

  5. If you challenge me to anything athletic I will break my neck trying to get it done. But I will get it done. Usually by next Tuesday.

  6. One morning as I was going to work in Santa Monica, I forgot my laptop at a bus stop. I realized and begged the bus driver to let me get off which he refused until the next stop. I sprinted back so hard that I am 100% certain I broke a world record, but no one was there to officiate it.

  7. I once did Fatburger's XXXL Burger Challenge. Finished a 3 patty 24-oz Fatburger with all the cheese in the world in 42 minutes. All I got was a certificate with my name on it, and three days of stomach pain.

  8. Some say I bake the best birthday cakes.

  9.  I'm all about energy and chakras. If you see me eyes closed, palms open on a subway, I'm trying to meditate.

  10.  It really bugs me when people say "Wow, you're the only Gemini I like!", but then my competitive nature kicks in and I think "Ha-ha! Suck on that every other Gemini in the world!"

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